Saturday, September 26, 2009


Let me first say that God is so good. He's blessed me in so many ways. Without the gift of Alyssa I would not have this story. I know that He is leading me where He wants me to go. So I am trying my best to keep sharing the story. My mom found tickets for Creation Festival with Jars of Clay, Thousand Foot Crutch, FM Static, This Beautiful Republic, Audio Unplugged and B. Reith. I made business cards asking people to 1) join Prayers for Alyssa Marie on Facebook and 2) visit this blog to read about her story. If you are one of the people we handed cards to thank you for stopping by!! 

God continually amazes me. I've always been a half-full type of person. But I am still amazed at all of the support and encouragement from so many people - thousands of people!! I'll never truly know the impact my little girl has made. Praise God - even though it is the hardest thing I've ever been through.

Sometime in the near future I hope to start an organization to help others. If you know how to do so please email me information! I know that this is a great way to give God glory and continue to keep the amazing story of my little girl alive. My first mini-mission was to hand out 100 cards (thanks to my husband, mom and friend). We even gave them to the awesome bands at Creation Festival (so worth the money to go!!). Mission accomplished. I see them as seeds...what will you do? Take my mini-mission (if you dare)- tell a friend, family member or even a total stranger how great God is and forward this link. If you got a card today pass it on. Let's continue to glorify Him!


  1. What a remarkable woman you are! I can't imagine the strength you have. Such a beautiful way to honor Alyssa. To God be the glory!

  2. I love the way you have chosen to honor Alyssa and the Lord. Simply beautiful.

  3. Wow I love your idea of the cards and starting an organization. You are such an amazing person.

  4. I see this as Alyssa's lasting gift to you... the ability to help so many more people in difficult situations. With God, you can do anything.