Tuesday, September 8, 2009


During rounds today one of the doctors said that there was a possibility of pneumatosis. I asked our nurse after the docs left what that meant and she said that it is basically an infection. So they are doing an x-ray at noon today so we should have a better answer then. So I am praying for NO pneumatosis or pneuma-NO-sis. :)

Urine output is still a concern. Her swelling keeps going up; I feel so awful for her. And to think 2 days ago she had double digit cc diapers! But she has had some major changes in the past couple of days: she's off her blood pressure medicines; she's off the ventilator and having to breathe more on her own; she's not getting platelets or blood transfusions as often. So maybe she just needs a couple days of rest and for her body to adjust to all the changes. She is moving around more than she was yesterday but I can tell that she just needs to rest. So when we visit her we just sit there looking at her, hoping and praying that she will feel better. I know we aren't the only ones praying and that comforts me to know so many people worldwide are praying for her. Throughout this whole experience (from finding out she has down syndrome to being in the NICU) I've learned so much more how God is faithful and just plain awesome. I'll post an update later on the pneumatosis.


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  2. whoops! that was me, I manage my sister's blog and was signed in as her! anyways, these things take time, my first was in the NICU for 5 weeks and I'll never forget her saying "just remember, she is still supposed to be cooking inside of you" and that's so true- little Alyssa is supposed to be inside of you still but since she isn't it will take time and there will be ups and downs-that's life in the NICU I'm afraid but she'll get there-she's got a lot of people praying for her! I have something for your blog so when you get a chance email me and I'll send it to you! mikeadge@gmail.com
    You're doing great by the way Danielle, I know this is so hard but you are staying strong-that's awesome!

  3. Thanks Adrienne! I appreciate your note - thank you so much for your encouraging words.