Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Praying for Wet Diapers

My poor baby girl is swollen. It is hard to look at her; it looks so uncomfortable. Someone removed a piece of tape and it ripped off a little piece of skin. Her skin is so tight because it is stretched out from all the excess fluid. It hurts my heart to see her this way. I am praying constantly for wet diapers. It goes on and on in my head. They gave her a diuretic to help her pee more but for now we are playing the waiting game.

On a positive note Alyssa received a letter from her grandpa in Korea. I guess there is a way to submit an email through the hospital's website and they print it out on cute little paper and deliver it to the NICU. I cried so hard when I read it. Thank you Papa Dos! :) Also the xray came back and she has no pneumatosis. God is good!


  1. Praying for Pee!!!!! Keeping your precious family in my daily prayers! I showed my boys her pictures and they are all smitten :) Thanks for being so great about posting updates, I try to check every day!

  2. Danielle-
    I pray for complete recovery for you miracle.
    if you need a little encouragement, take a look at this blog
    You will have to go back to the september/october posts to see where it started.
    We had a friend who should have died last year, but the the power of prayer and the amazing grace of God, she is still here.
    i pray that the outporuing she recieved by others will be the same for you in your time of need.
    My God kep you and your family in His loving arms and may you have peace that your daughter in the hands of our great physician.
    Shannon Quick