Monday, August 31, 2009


Alyssa is having PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus) surgery tonight. This will help her blood route to her lungs. We are waiting for her oxygen levels to stabilize and then they will start the surgery. The doctor will let us know once it is finished and he says that he has done a surgery like this before on a baby smaller than Alyssa. I can only have hope and faith that God will see her through this. This isn't the only bump in the road we learned about tonight. They put her under phototheraphy lights. The doctor said that if her bilirubin levels do not decrease that she would require an extremely risky exchange transfusion. We are praying that her levels decrease and we will find out tonight if she will need the exchange transfusion.

She will need another surgery within the week to unblock a part of her intestine. The doctor says that once this is done she can be put on food.

We have so many obstacles it seems but I know everything is possible with God. We had her baptized before we left for them to prep her for surgery. It was incredibly emotional and I am so thankful that we were able to do this before her surgery. I know that no matter what God has a plan for her and for us. It has been a rough day full of ups and downs but I know that God is in control even if the outcome is not what we want. Please continue to pray for our baby girl. We can't express our gratitude for your constant prayers.

Welcome to the World Alyssa Marie

Yesterday (8/30/09) my little girl was delivered by an emergency c-section. I went in to the hospital on post because I couldn't feel her kick. The doctor said that her heartbeat sounded good but that it was dropping and that she was not responding. So he got in touch with the doctors at Columbia and I was transported to Columbia by helicopter.
I owe everything to God. When the doctor first told me that Alyssa was going to be delievered that day I started panicking. But I knew that I had to be strong and calm for her. I let God take over and I felt at peace for the majority of the ride up there. God placed the best people that I could have asked for. The nurses in the helicopter took such good care of me and the female nurse was praying for me which made me realize that we were not alone.

When I got to Columbia I was placed in a room. My husband and friend had not made it there yet. But again, God put awesome people to help me from the doctors to the nurses. My husband made it there and we were told that they were going to hold off on the c-section. I called my mom to tell her that they weren't going to deliver her today (she was getting ready for a last minute flight here). Five minutes after I told my mom, the doctors told me that I was going to be prepped for surgery in 30 minutes.

Everything seemed to fly by after that. There were some scary moments - for some reason the spinal tap was not working and I had to be poked multiple times. I ended up having to get an epidural combo (which was just more steps to administer but just as effective) and next thing I knew I felt numb from my chest down.

I just thank God so much for the doctors, nurses, friends, family and my husband. Although I could tell that he was scared he stayed with me and comforted me throughout the surgery. He was able to take pictures of our little angel. She was born at 3:16 pm (how awesome is that!) weighing in at 1.1 lbs. The nurses said that when she was being pulled out she was looking around. I couldn't see anything but I was trying to hear her cry. Turns out she is too young to do so but I didn't think to ask about that.

She is in the NICU now and is expected to stay until November 16 as long as she is able to meet all the criteria to leave. She could stay longer but I have faith that God will be with her and help her. We have such awesome support and so many people praying for her. I can't tell you how touched I am from all the encouragement we have. Thank you to everyone - words can't express our gratitude for your help, encouragement and support.

Here is a picture of Alyssa. She is such a joy to watch. She sucks on her tubes (she has a big tongue!) and loves to kick up her left leg and place it on the outside of her "snuglet". Although the circumstances weren't what we imagined I can't thank God enough for our little angel. We have a long road ahead of us, but I know that we are in good hands.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

28 Weeks

Alyssa looks good! These are the words of the doctor. We had our appointment yesterday. I was anxious the whole drive up there. I decided to go a different way and am so happy I did. The drive was beautiful and helped keep me positive...even though I was anxious.

The appointment wasn't long. We had an ultrasound and the technician went through it in less than 5 minutes. I asked for her weight and the tech said that she was not allowed to give me that information. I started to get so upset and frustrated because that is the only thing that the doctor is worried about. She said that the doctor told her before she called me back not to measure anything and that he would explain.

The doctor said that he measures growth every 4-5 weeks. His explanation made me feel better as to why he didn't want me to know. He said that if we measured her every time I came in it would not accurately reflect how well she is growing. Plus I have a little plan up my sleeve. I have a doctor's appointment September 4 on post and I plan on asking my doctor for her weight then. I know, I know...maybe I should just wait until my appointment at Columbia. But not knowing is making me obsess about not knowing.

All I can do is thank God that we didn't have another bad appointment. I was praying for good news and we got that. She is doing well, her organs look good. The game plan as of now is to wait, pray and hope that she continues to do well. We are praying for 35 weeks or better and that is less than 7 weeks away. In the meantime please continue to pray! I can't tell you how much we appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers. Thank you!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

27 Weeks

I was finally able to get in touch with someone at the hospital. I didn't speak to my doctor but the woman who spoke with me made me feel a little better. The outcome has not changed but at least she sounded hopeful. She told me that the chances are still more bad than good and that we should prepare for the worst but hope for the best. And that's what we're doing. It is really uplifting to hear about all of the prayers for our little girl. My faith keeps me going and helps me keep a smile on my face. It helps to be at work and to take my mind off of everything (a little bit). I still can't help but get a little worried if I haven't felt her move. Feeling her kick is my assurance that she's ok.

Jamie and I have been reading Charlotte's Web to her at night. It's so touching to see him. The other night she was moving around a lot while he was reading to her. What makes this experience even harder is to see him so upset by it all. But God has already answered two of my prayers. The first was for Jamie to feel her kick and the second was for 30 weeks or better (if they deliver her early). Based on the conversation with the woman at the hospital, they would not do anything until mid to late 30s. Having those two answered keeps me hopeful that she will gain weight and I will see my baby girl. We can only wait and pray.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

26 Weeks

We went to our appointment Friday and it was the hardest one for us. The doctor told us that our baby is probably not going to make it. He said that the placenta is bad and the cord is clogged so she is not growing as well as she should. The doctor gave her a 10% survival rate. But...

I firmly believe that 10% is 100% with God. I believe that God is in control and I have faith in Him. I don't know what the outcome will be but I can pray and ask for prayers for my little girl. I know she is alive. I feel her kick and I know she is telling me that she is fighting just as much as I am. I know she is gaining weight (slowly). She gained 6 ounces. So I am praying that my little girl will prove the doctors wrong.

It is hard to write about this but we need prayer. Now that I can think clearly I am going to call the doctor to ask some questions. I know they are going to induce me but I'm not sure what the goal is (weight wise). He said that it was too early to induce me now because of her size and because she has Down syndrome. Once I find out I will post again.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

24 Weeks

My family surprised me with a baby shower! It was so nice and I am so happy Jamie was able to be there. My sister and mom are the only two who have felt her kick. Even Jamie hasn't felt her kick yet. It's cute because my brothers (who are 10) get excited and are always asking if she is kicking.

The heat out here is killing me. My hands and feet swell like crazy. But it is so nice to be here and to see everyone.

We went to church and there was a lady standing outside with a little girl with Down syndrome. I went and talked to her for a little bit (I feel so compelled to do so now) and it was nice to hear how well the little girl was doing. I think the mom was a little put off at first but when I explained to her that I am expecting a girl with Down syndrome she seemed to soften a little bit. I was talking to my dad about it and it's like now that I know she has Down syndrome I see it more or I pay attention more.

I don't know how I will get back to Missouri with all the stuff I have. My mom is going crazy with all the baby stuff and it is multiplying every day. I'm excited to take it all back and put it up and start to decorate her room.

My next appointment is in a week and I will post pictures!