Sunday, August 16, 2009

26 Weeks

We went to our appointment Friday and it was the hardest one for us. The doctor told us that our baby is probably not going to make it. He said that the placenta is bad and the cord is clogged so she is not growing as well as she should. The doctor gave her a 10% survival rate. But...

I firmly believe that 10% is 100% with God. I believe that God is in control and I have faith in Him. I don't know what the outcome will be but I can pray and ask for prayers for my little girl. I know she is alive. I feel her kick and I know she is telling me that she is fighting just as much as I am. I know she is gaining weight (slowly). She gained 6 ounces. So I am praying that my little girl will prove the doctors wrong.

It is hard to write about this but we need prayer. Now that I can think clearly I am going to call the doctor to ask some questions. I know they are going to induce me but I'm not sure what the goal is (weight wise). He said that it was too early to induce me now because of her size and because she has Down syndrome. Once I find out I will post again.


  1. Danielle ~ My love and prayers are with you always. Your faith in God will see you through regardless of the outcome.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us ~ your strength is an amazing testament to me and others.
    God shines on you and is holding you near every second ~

  2. I will pray that your baby can stay strong and continue to thrive. I'm so sorry your appt. did not go well but I'm glad to hear you are staying positive about this. With God all things are possible and your little girl is wrapped in his loving hands. Take care of yourself- take it easy-all you can do is do the best you can to keep that baby healthy and then God will take care of the rest in his own way. Let Go, Let God!

  3. This news has been hard for me. I fail to understand how anyone can be expected to deal with this situation, but I greatly admire the strength that you both have, Danielle and Jamie. I lit a candle for you today and prayed that whatever His decision is, he will give us all whatever strength we need to accept it. We love you all!
    Michele, Chris, and Ian

  4. Danielle,
    You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Anything is possible.

  5. Danielle and Jamie
    Praying for God's peace, Mercy, and comfort for the three of you. I wish you had received better news but also realize that God has a plan for you and your family, we just don't always see what His plan or timing is until after the fact.
    Have they started beta methasone injections to hasten the maturity of her lungs? Are they looking at her weight or the placenta's condition for timing of induction?
    Joshua was a twin and we lost one at 26 weeks and were told Josh would NEVER make it due to the condition of the placent and cord (placenta was 3/4ths part torn from uterine wall and cord was damaged both from where the second boy was originally attached plus I had the added problem of a pacenta previa-well, Josh is fine (ok, stubborn, nieve, blah, blah, blah) but God had and has a plan for him too; this is not a guarantee for your angel but gives us something to ask God about.
    Hugs and prayers for each of you...
    Tammy and Jeongah

  6. Praying for you and your precious baby.

  7. I told your story to an old friend and he has forwarded a prayer request to his church body. You have thousands praying for you!