Saturday, May 9, 2009


I missed four days of work because of a stomach virus. The entire time I was nervous that my baby was starving. But after talking to a nurse, I feel much better. The nurse told me "Your baby will get what it needs. You might not. But your baby will." So I suffered through four days of hanging out in the bathroom. I went to the ER because I was so dehydrated. And it frustrated me to no end when the nurse (a different one) kept saying "Well when you're pregnant..." I knew that this was not pregnancy related. I had a fever. I was getting sick almost 24 hours. But I am better now. Well sort of. My stomach virus days have morphed into a coughing, scratchy throat, congestion mess. But at least I can eat!!

Two more days ends my first trimester. Crazy to think that I have been pregnant for 3 months! And by the end of summer I will be into my (gasp) third trimester! Which means I will have a precious baby in my arms sooner than I know it. I have a picture of the baby from my trip to the hospital. Since I had stomach cramps the doctor wanted to check out the baby and he gave me a picture. I didn't even ask! I love doctors like that! The baby was moving around like crazy! Flipping, turning, doing all these crazy positions. The nurse said it looked like the baby was doing yoga. Which turns out that the baby will most likely be this active later...when there isn't a lot of room. As my aunt says "It will be a rib kicking good time!" Oooh. Ribs. I leave on that note.

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  1. AWWW I'm so sorry you were so sick! I'm glad you're feeling better though!!! When do we get to see the latest baby picture!!??? I miss you like crazy! I'm thinking of taking a long weekend just to come see you! It's not fair that we're so far away!!!