Tuesday, April 14, 2009

11 Weeks

My first ultrasound is this week! So Jessica and I were talking about what we think the baby will look like. It's crazy to try to imagine what my baby will look like. What color eyes? My lips or Jamie's? Obviously the baby will have brown hair.

Jessica thinks the baby should look more like me as the baby should not have Jamie's nose or head shape. However she thinks the baby should have his color eyes and ears. That's it. I have to admit that is pretty funny. She also says that the baby should not have my hair type as I have been blessed with the Asian trait of stick-straight hair.

I plan on getting the crazy 3-D ultrasound. All I have to pay is $100 and who wouldn't want to get a little peep at the beautiful baby I have inside me? Then it will answer some of the questions I have. But that won't be until later. Much later.

Oh and as for my favorite snack? Throw away the Ranch corn nuts. In fact, thinking about them kinda makes me want to get sick. I don't really have a replacement favorite yet. Pretty much anything sounds good. Right now I am watching a commercial for Taco Bell and even though I ate that for dinner, a 7-layer burrito sounds soooo incredibly good. But I will settle for an ice-cream sandwich. Right now.

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