Monday, July 20, 2009

22 Weeks

We got the results of my amnio from July 6. Our baby has Down syndrome. Jamie & I are doing really well. The initial shock was difficult and sometimes it gets to me, but for the most part I am positive. I have such a great group of family and friends to support us.

The great news is that she looks great! The doctor was very happy with the way her heart looks (which is important) and her growth from the last ultrasound (she gained an ounce). I am extremely relieved at this as many babies with Down syndrome are not as fortunate. However, she is still not in the clear. There are so many health concerns that come with it once she is born. I can only ask for prayers that she will remain as healthy as she is now.

It is weird to tell people our news simply because I don't know how they'll react. And it hurts when people assume or act like it means our lives are over because I know this isn't true. The nurse at the hospital assumed that I was a complete mess and offered to let the doctor know if I needed an anti-depressant. Does it bother me? Yes every now and then. But I know that God gave her to us for a reason - Down syndrome and all. And I know that included in my awesome support group mentioned before is God at the center.


  1. Hey guys. First of all, congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your precious baby girl!!! We have a little boy, Logan, who is 4, who has Down Syndrome. What an amazing blessing he's been! I love that you are putting God in the center of this! We know that God knit our Logan together, Down Syndrome and all, for our good and HIS glory! I will be anxiously following your blog as you prepare for this precious girl to be born! You are in my prayers!

  2. Congratulations on your baby girl!! I have an amazing little boy with Down syndrome. You have no idea the joy he brings to everyone that meets him. I can't wait to follow your story and see her first precious pictures!!

  3. Congrats on your baby girl! Like you, I had a prenatal diagnosis, our boy is 2 months old now and he is wonderful! This part of the journey you're on can be tough at times but once you meet your little one your world will change! Stop my my blog if you're interested. Many blessings to you and your family!

  4. Hi! Congratulations on your little girl! I have two children; and one of them is a 2 yr old daughter who happens to have Down syndrome. There is a tremendous network of parents, just like us, who will welcome you into this little family, and offer love, support, understanding, and advice. Welcome!!

  5. Hi! I thought I already commented on one of your posts...but I don't see it anywhere so I don't know what happened. Sorry if this is a repeat. My husband and I had a baby girl named Emily 9 months ago and after she was born we were told that she has down syndrome. My husband and I were 27 and 29 when she was born so it was quite a shock...but Emily is such a bright little is AMAZING! If you would like to talk or have any questions my email is If you email me, I can even give you my number and we could talk if you have any questions...I actually know a lot at this point : ) Well....hope to talk to you soon and congratulations to you and your husband!